Woman Found A Hidden Phone Inside Her Husband’s Car – What He Discovers Destroyed Her Life

Infidelity is widespread, current studies of American couples indicate that 20 to 40% of heterosexual married men and 20 to 25% of heterosexual married women will also have an extramarital affair during their lifetime.

Woman Found A Hidden Phone Inside Her Husband’s Car – What He Discovers Destroyed Her Life

"My husband is out of town a lot on business trips. Things haven’t been great in our marriage, and I worry about an affair. I know they all socialize after work.

Where is the line between “we’re just friends” and something more?"

This would be the best line for this topic because contents below are most likely about infidelity.

A netizen which happens to make a post on Facebook went viral because of its interesting contents regarding a captured photo of a text message from her husband's unknown lover.

The wife named Valerie Po revealed that she never knew his husband will ever do something like this, as the husband made a huge mistake, it is enough reason for the wife to be mad at him and conduct a relationship separation.

The mobile phone has been found at their side seat of the Mitsubishi Montero Sports Car. However, just like other particular relationship, for the girl's point of view, they have always the rights to interfere with their partner's stuff. It is because they only want to secure the fact that they are the only one in their lover's heart.

But in the case of Valerie Po, she is so much curious of what contents does this phone have inside. Then suddenly after a moment of scrolling and searching for something surprising, she wasn't disappointed in the result of the findings as she discovered a secret message in his husband's phone revealing sweet text messages from an unknown number.

The sweetness of the text messages made him angry because of the text message saying "Goodnight and I love you."

And this is the exciting part of the story. While figuring out who is the girl behind this text messages and cellphone number, she has come up with an idea of what if I search for this number in my list of contacts.

Then, after the search, she was shocked after discovering that the number was her best friend which she treated like her own sibling and named in her phone book as "Bes Kristine," Kristine Morano Marquez.

The thing that those people she trusted the most are the ones who will betray her with the most painful way. This kind of individuals are animals; they are so disgustingly raised themselves into that kind of person.