He Drank THIS Natural Juice and His Gout Vanished in 2 Days! Amazing!

One ailment you would not want to have is gout. This illness can be extremely painful causing an inflammation to the joints, stiffness and a burning sensation as well.

He Drank THIS Natural Juice and His Gout Vanished in 2 Days! Amazing!

The most common part of the foot that is affected by gout us the large toe.

Causes Of Gout

An increase in the uric acid in the blood stream is responsible. This leads to the formation of crystals at the joints.

Excessive weight can aggravate gout conditions.
If your diet is rich in meat which comprises of purines.
If you drink alcoholic beverages excessively.

The first step to curing gout is to identify that what you are indeed suffering from is gout. You do this by going for a medical check-up.

If you suffer from gout then it is more than likely that you will be prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) by your doctor.

NSAIDs are quite effective in the treatment of gout, however they have side effects that are not tolerated by most people and these include; gastrointestinal problems, bleeding, stomach pain and ulcers.

A Natural Solution

You can take care of your gout issues with a natural solution that will give no side effects and will effectively provide you with relief from the inflammation, pain and discomfort that comes with this ailment.

Have You Heard Of Cherry Juice?

You can drink cherry juice to reduce the uric acid in your blood stream and dissolve the buildup of hard crystals in your joints, while providing your joints with lubrication necessary for a painless movement.

Preparation And Administration:

Once you have your organic cherries, make sure they are not GMO ones as it is difficult to wash off the pesticides and other chemical preservatives used on them.

Dice them and place in a juicer or blender.
Blend the cherries until your juice has a smooth texture.
Add some water when blending.
Pour your juice in a glass cup and drink fresh every morning before breakfast.

You can drink before lunch also if possible or alternatively when you get back from work and before dinner you can juice some cherries and drink.

Once you are committed to a daily administration of at least two glasses of cherry juice your blood will have less uric acid and the hard crystals in your joints will be dissolved.

You will urinate often when you drink this juice, do not be alarmed as it a diuretic and it will help to flush the toxins out of your system in the process.