You'll want to stock up on conditioner when you learn these surprising alternative uses

We all love the silky smooth feel we get after conditioning our hair. But did you know that hair conditioner has a range of other uses?

You'll want to stock up on conditioner when you learn these surprising alternative uses  Roxanne Goldberg Contributing Writer

Whether you've run out of your regular go-to products or find that your conditioner works better, you'll be stoked to learn these 16 other uses of hair conditioner.

Continue reading to learn how to get the most out of your hair conditioner, in and out of your hair.

1. Makeup remover - A little dab on a cotton wipe works wonders.

2. Cuticle softener - Massage it in before treating yourself to a self-manicure.

3. Body oil in the tub - Gurl recommends a little conditioner in the tub for a quick and easy moisturizing bath oil.

4. Body moisturizer - try putting conditioner on your feet then covering them with socks. In the morning, you'll wake up to soft sandal-ready feet recommends Positive Med.

5. Shaving cream - Gurl writes, for a super-close moisturizing shave, ditch the cream and grab the conditioner.

6. Remove stuck ring

7. De-frizz hair - A dab between your fingers, rubbed into the ends of your hair will help calm flyaways and frizz.

8. Hair de-tangler - Put one part conditioner to nine parts water in a little spray bottle for a quick DIY spray detangler, recommends Buzzfeed.

9. "Dry clean" silk clothes and wash delicates - According to Reader's Digest, hair conditioner can be used to gently wash silks. Add a tablespoon to a sink full of water (warm for whites, cold for colors). Let the garment soak a few minutes before rinsing. Hang to dry. You can also use a drop as a gentle soap for handwashing other delicates like lingerie.

10. Salvage a shrunken sweater - Some fabrics can be unshrunk with a little help from conditioner, writes Gurl. Soak the shrunken sweater for an hour in warm water with conditioner. Then ring it out and stretch it gently back into the desired shape while it lays flat to dry.

11. Soften fabrics - Run out of fabric softener? No problem. Spray diluted conditioner onto a washcloth and throw it in the dryer like a regular dryer sheet.

12. Protect leather shoes from snow and salt - Reader's Digest recommends lathering boots and shoes in conditioner to protect and condition them during the snowy season.

13. Soften makeup and paint brushes - It works just like it does in your hair

14. Prevent tools from rusting - "One way to condition [tools] and keep rust from invading is to rub them down with hair conditioner," recommends Reader's Digest

15. Unclog drains - a bit of conditioner down the drain can help loosen clogs. Follow the conditioner with running hot water.

16. Shine stainless steel