Worth Trying:Only Two Cups A Day For 7 Days For A Completely Flat Stomach

The weight-loss recipe we recommend here has given amazing results in everyone who’s tried it. In fact, many women claim to have lost one centimeter of their waistline by using this drink only on a regular basis.

Worth Trying:Only Two Cups A Day For 7 Days For A Completely Flat Stomach

If your weight is bothering you and you’d like to reduce some of your waistline, this recipe could be the ideal weight-loss tool for you. And, it doesn’t only melt excess fat all over your body, but it also boosts your health on many different levels. Just to name a few, it removes toxins from your body, fights water retention, and improves vision and brain function.

The method of preparation is another thing that makes this recipe very appealing. All you do is mix these 3 common ingredients in a glass and drink it all up.


Freshly squeezed organic grapefruit — 1 cup
Pure natural honey — 1 teaspoon
Apple cider vinegar — 2 teaspoons

Note: you can use orange juice instead of grapefruit if you are not a fan of the latter’s sharp taste.


Incorporate all the ingredients in a blender and blend until you achieve a smooth, homogeneous texture.


Drink this super healthy drink before lunch or dinner daily for seven days.
Observe improvements to your waist line, then repeat the treatment for another seven days.
You can use orange instead of grapefruit if you aren’t too keen on grapefruit and it’s somewhat sharp taste.

via healthylivingstyle.net