Johnson & Johnson To Pay $72M For Ovarian Cancer Death Linked To Talcum Powder

Does the phrase “Just a sprinkle a day helps keep odor away” ring a bell? It’s the catchy slogan Johnson & Johnson used back in the 80s to advertise their product “Shower to Shower”.

Johnson & Johnson To Pay $72M For Ovarian Cancer Death Linked To Talcum Powder

Even though it may surprise a lot of people, long ago before this product reached the shelfs there was a research which connected talk to an increased risk for ovarian cancer, one study even revealed that most ovarian tumors contained talc particles in them.

You’re probably wondering how this can be true. How can any company knowingly sell a product with such serious implications? And spend millions on advertising said product, knowing it has been connected to cancer?

Reuters reports that a Missouri state jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $72 million in damages to the family of a woman who died of ovarian cancer and whose death was linked to her decade long use of Johnson & Johnson products, more specifically the talc-based Baby Powder and Shower to Shower.

The family’s lawyer, Jere Beasley, said Johnson & Johnson “knew as far back as the 1980s of the risk,” and still decided “lying to the public, lying to the regulatory agencies” , he said at the press conference.

Moreover, The Guardian said that this verdict “doesn’t bode well for Johnson & Johnson”. Leaving this single case aside it faces 1.200 still-pending lawsuits and maybe thousands more.

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