Heal Ulcers, Skin, Stomach Pain And More With This Simple Remedy

Potatoes have gotten a great deal of popularity as of now because of their being starch rich nature. Advocates of low-starch diets avoid potatoes as dreadful and unhealthy. In any case, potatoes—especially raw potatoes or the juice of a raw potato—have an endless rundown of medical advantages.

Potatoes – Medical advantages

Potatoes are stuffed with supplements, for example, potassium, thiamin and niacin and in addition vitamin C, making them a perfect part of a sound eating routine. They can likewise be utilized to treat different afflictions, either taken inside or as a topical treatment.

To get a serving of potato juice—either to use in smoothies as a supplement rich accompanist to different leafy foods, or for use as a topical drug—basically block up two medium potatoes, then run them through your juicer. This should yield some potato juice. You can leave the skin on yet try to clean it altogether.

You may wish to blend the potato juice with other vegetables juices or smoothies, as the essence of potato juice alone is smooth and not all edible.

Supplements in Potato Juice

Potassium – A 1/some potato juice gives just about 27% of the daily prescribed dietary admission of potassium for all grown-ups.

Vitamin C – A 1/some potato juice gives more than half of the dietary reference admission of vitamin C for grown-ups.

Thiamine (vitamin B1) – A 1/some potato juice gives 20% of the prescribed dietary income for grown-up men and just about 22% for grown-up ladies.

Niacin (vitamin B3) – A 1/some potato juice gives right around 20% of the suggested dietary remittance for grown-up men and 22.5% for grown-up women.

Home Solution Utilizing Raw Potato

The rundown of remedies utilizing raw potatoes or their juice is endless. Although some of these remedies are essentially society remedies went down through the eras, others have been focused observationally and are upheld by hard science. Here are a couple of incredible potato remedies you may wish to try:

Digestive health and stomach issues

Potatoes have been utilized for quite a long time by individuals with digestive issues going from acid reflux to heartburn. A recent report performed by scientists from the College of Freiburg in Germany and distributed in the Phytomedicine journal found that 66% of patients with digestive surprise reported their issues lessening when they utilized potato juice to treat them.

As the Journal of Therapeutic Plants Studies from 2013, potato juice has additionally been utilized to diminish gastritis (irritation of the stomach), stomach ulcers and purges the digestion systems and lessen the amount of acid in the gastrointestinal framework.

Stomach (peptic) ulcers

Another society remedy with roots in genuine science is utilization of potato juice for stomach ulcer treatment and counteractive action.

A group of researchers from the College of Manchester, drove by Dr. Ian Roberts, found that potatoes could counteract and even remedy stomach ulcers on account of an at no other time known atom in the juice of the potato that battles off the microscopic organisms that prepare for stomach ulcers.

Cancer death causing properties

In spite of the fact that potatoes may not be the response to curing all cancer types, one 2013 study distributed in the Sustenance and Capability journal and performed by analysts from China's Upper east Rural College found that a substance in potato juice called patatin could stop the reproduction of cancer cells in mice with melanoma disease.

Additionally as indicated by Drugs.com, a hostile to proliferative effects on human colon and liver disease cells has been shown in vitro.

Lipid panel enhancement and cancer prevention agent qualities

In the event that you had terrible cholesterol and high triglyceride levels, potato juice might be the response to getting your lipid panel numbers where they should be.

This might be to some extent because of the cancer prevention agent qualities that potatoes have. A recent report performed by Shine scientists from the Poznan College of Life Sciences found that potatoes are high in antioxidative action—and that this quality increments when potatoes are handled by means of juicing.

Joint pain

As indicated by the Diary of Therapeutic Plants Studies from 2013, one to two teaspoons of potato juice taken before every dinner can enhance joint inflammation side effects.

On the other hand, you can boil clean potato peelings in a pot of water for three to five minutes, then strain and cool. You can drink some this up to four times each day to assuage joint pain torment and inflammation. On the off chance that you experience the ill effects of joint pain make a point to consolidate potato juice with these regular remedies and ensure you are not experiencing this normal vitamin inadequacy that triggers joint inflammation torment.


Scurvy is an infection caused by a lack of vitamin C, whose indications are swollen, draining gums and issues with wound mending. Because of the elevated amounts of vitamin C, potato juice can be helpful for fighting off scurvy when taken consistently.

Healthy skin

Potatoes have an amazing natural chemical, particularly for facial skin. Grate a raw potato and rub it over the skin, then wash. The supplements in the potato can assimilate into the skin to sustain and dehydrate your face, leaving you gleaming and solid.

Burns, wounds, cuts, skin cracks

To treat minor skin wounds, grind a little amount of potato and blend with honey or olive oil. Apply this blend to the influenced area and fix set up with gauze for around two hours. To treat sunburn, cut a potato meagerly and place them on the burned area for a couple of minutes to saturate skin and soothe torment. You can likewise try these powerful hand crafted minor burn medicines and this DIY two component gel.


To treat a headache with potato, cut the tuber meagerly and place the cuts on the temple.

To treat ceaseless head torments, take one some hot potato juice before every dinner, close to three times each day. Likewise observe these vital oils to mitigate headache, and these main 10 normal tips and medicines to ease headache. You likewise should know that this deficiency can cause headache issues.

Revitalize tired eyes

You can liven up tired eyes by setting a cut of potato over every eyelid and leaving them on for only a couple of minutes. You can likewise try these 7 common approaches to dispose of puffy eyes.

Enhancing liver capability

To enhance the capability of your liver, try a potato skin tea. Simply heat up the peelings from one vast potato in some water for five minutes. Strain and drink once cooled. Drink this daily to keep your liver and gallbladder at top capability. You can likewise add these nourishments and herbs to further help you wash down your liver.

Alleviation from swelling and itchiness

Potato cuts can be apply to swollen, sensitive skin to diminish swelling and can also ease itching caused by insect bites or dermatitis. Place a cut on the influenced region and leave it set up until it warms to body temperature, and supplant as required.

Potatoes – A few of safety tips

Potatoes can recuperate however there is such a good thing as a lot of something for this situation—abstain from ingesting a lot of potato juice every day, as higher amounts might be lethal. It is recommended not to drink more than a big glass of some potato juice daily.

Additionally, potatoes with greenish shading under the skin should not be used, as these contain more elevated amounts of a synthetic called solanine, which can meddle with nerve action and cause extreme sickness, diarrhea and cramping.