Ever Wondered Why Baby Kicks Inside Your Womb?

Ask a mother how does it feel like when a baby inside the womb kicks her? The only reply you’ll get is-” my baby inside is not not kicking me, it is just trying to make space to hug me from inside.”

Ever Wondered Why Baby Kicks Inside Your Womb?

Wow, what a feeling it is! Experiencing that first kick of your baby and getting to know that you have entered into the world of motherhood, which is the best phase of the life. The excitement and the learnings in the entire nine-month journey are something that can never be expressed in words. Every small activity done by your baby inside, will make you curious and concerned about what is the baby trying to do.

How a baby is kicking, how much the baby is kicking and why is the baby not kicking? Every small thing makes a big question in a mom’s mind and why not? After all, she totally deserves to know every single action of her baby.

Let us know some interesting facts about baby’s kicks during pregnancy.

#1 Kick indicates the proper health of a baby and its development.
It is said that, kick is a sign of baby’s good health and indicates the activeness of the baby inside your womb.

#2 Baby reacts to the environmental changes.
Baby responds immediately to the change in the environment, especially when they hear some external noises.

#3 Baby kicks more when you lie on the left side.
A baby’s kicks increase when the mother is lying on her left side. It happens because the blood supply to the fetus gets boosted while lying on the left side and hence improves the baby’s movements.

#4 Baby’s kicks increase after having a meal.
Expecting mothers often experience more number of kicks after their meal.

#5 Babies kick soon after nine weeks.
As a matter of fact, a baby starts kicking when it completes entire nine weeks inside the womb. And, the mother who is expecting for the second time experiences the kick after completing 13 weeks of their pregnancy.

#6 Less number of kicks can indicate the poor health of your baby.
Reduced fetal activity can be the matter of a huge concern. If your baby’s kicks are reduced to the normal, then it indicates an insufficient supply of oxygen to the baby.

#7 But fewer kicks after 36 weeks doesn’t mean trouble.

As soon as your baby starts growing larger after the 36th week, it starts kicking often.