You Are Not Fat! Your Stomach Is Bloated And Here Is How To Get Rid Of It!

There is nothing appealing around a bloated tummy that looks like a gigantic balloon that is going to explode, not to mention all the gasses it brings and the discomfort it gives. Bloating is normal after eating heavy, however for some individuals it is a typical part of their ordinary life. 

What causes your stomach to bloat?

Lacking water admission

Dehydration is the primary reason for various health issues. Elevated utilization of coffee and alcohol just adds to the problem. Can you recall the last time you had six to eight glasses of water during the day?

At the point when the body needs water, it utilizes the fluids from its tissues, which implies that bloating may show up as an aftereffect of liquid maintenance. When this happens, try to drink more water. 


Constipation is a really a nasty problem, and it shows that you really require more fiber-rich foods. The gasses that are stuck behind the feces won't stay there forever, you know.

Eat your fiber foods slowly and bit by bit, or else you will just worsen the situation. Purchase whole grain bread, and avoid white bread. Try smoothies and berries. Sounds good, am I right?

Chronic anxiety 

Whether you believe it or not, anxiety may also cause bloating. When you are experiencing anxiety, your digestive system neglects to perform its work appropriately. You're bloating might be brought on by constipation and aching of the stomach. Then you might as well try to free yourself from the negative feelings, and your problem will be solved in no time.

Eating Hastily 

Foods that are not chewed properly are hard to process, and you get bloated. Just like that. Then you have to take small bites and chew well.


Extreme utilization of carbs may also contribute to your bloated stomach. Consider eating low-carb foods, and decrease your sugar admission and liquor. Eat more vegetables and fresh fruits.