11 Things You Should Know Before Giving Birth To Your Baby.

Giving birth to a child may be an incredible experience sometimes, and sometimes miserable. It differs from mother to mother and baby to baby. It’s not necessary that you know everything about giving birth to a child, and we’re here to help you if you’re not an expert.

11 Things You Should Know Before Giving Birth To Your Baby.

Here is the list of things which nobody tells you:

1. Even after giving birth to a baby, the delivery doesn’t end.

Even after emerging of the baby, the placenta is delivered. So, no need to worry if you still have to do more pushing. But luckily, it delivers quickly that too without any pain.

2. Due dates are overrated.

After months of pregnancy, women want to have a deadline to look forward to. Only 5 percent women give birth on their due date. So, no need to take any tension if your baby doesn’t come to the world on schedule.

3. If you have Epidural, it doesn’t mean you’ll be completely numb.

An epidural actually works as a pain management that can deaden the pain in a women’s lower part. It’s a needle which is placed in the women’s back administrate. Some women feel uneven numbing in their legs, others can still lift their legs and lower body, others have feeling in their legs but none in their stomach. Talk to your doctor if you feel a lot of contraction pain, but you don’t have to be completely numb for the epidural to work.

4. Without epidural, you can’t even eat or drink.

One of the tough fact, because it requires lots of effort to give birth and doing so, an empty stomach makes it harder. So before heading to the hospital, have good meal.

5. You will get massage and it will hurt you- a lot!

The doctor or the midwife wants to be sure that bleeding stops before heading towards home. A nurse will give you the most painful massage in regular intervals just to be sure that your uterus is shrinking and returning to the normal size.

6. You have to wear mesh underwear.

The bleeding may continue for 6 months and so women wear mesh underwear and adult size diapers. So, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

7. Belly button doesn’t start out.

Immediately after birth of your little one, his umbilical cord will be tied off but for several days, or even weeks a vestige of it will remain attached before drying up and falling off. It’ll not be cute rather will be black and bloody red but doctor deny them to loosen or pull them.

8. It’s common if during pregnancy, discharge from body in form of faeces occurs.

This may happen to any of the women, but very less of them accept it. Don’t be embarrassed, if it happens to you.

9. Babies can look like they are covered in cottage cheese.

Actually, babies born before 40 weeks have this covering which is known as vernix caseosa. It protects your baby’s skin in the womb.

10. Babies can have hairy body.

Some babies may be born with hair on their arms, shoulders and even back, and it can be quite dark. This, too, will rub off in time.

11. Baby’s head shape will change.

If the baby is delivered through vagina, the bones of the baby’s head will shrink as they pass through birth canal. And they never regain their round shape immediately and remain cone-shaped for several days. Use of a vacuum or forceps can worsen the effect.

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