WATCH: Austro-Filipino Lukas Janisch Wows at The Voice Kids Germany 2016

The Voice Kids is a singing competition that is well-known worldwide for its outstanding and unique system of judging and not only picking out the best in the industry but improves them as well. This talent show focuses on children aged between 8 and 14 years.

About 70 children who had been previously and were cast are invited for the first phase, the “Blind Auditions”. Where, the children have to sing alone in front of a live audience. The judges or coaches can only listen to the contestant’s voice (talent in singing) without directly looking or facing at the singing person. And in order to pass the first phase, there has to be at least one jury or coach who pressed to “buzzer” to face him and accept the contestant for the next phase of the competition.

Among these 70 contestants is Lukas Janisch, a 13 year old Austro-Filipino who chooses to play and compete in an special way. Yes you read it right, he is a half Filipino and his mother is from Philippines and to be more specific, lived in Palompon Leyte. Not only he amazed the audience but the judges as well by singing Alicia Keys’ “Fallin'” while playing the piano, that’s what I meant by playing in a special way earlier.

He is just downright amazing. Like the judges, everyone is truly astonished! In fact, he was so good, the audience and the judges (Lena Meyer-Landrut, Sasha Alexander and Mark Forster) all asked him for an encore after his performance.

To tell you seriously, this is one video you need to watch: