It’s Man Vs. Nature, And In This Case, The Crocodile Wins While Someone Loses…A Leg!

At whatever point you take on nature, there's a risk that you'll turn out on the losing end of the clash. You may have a powerful rifle and the expertise to utilize it; however monsters in the wild have managed your kind before and know every secrets to make your conquest to be significantly less enjoyable.

One on one, sans support from the NRA, you truly don't stand a chance on winning. Better believe it, you're strong and fast. They, however, have monstrous teeth, colossal talons, a strong bite, and an unquenchable hunger for fresh meat. Simply ask Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant; that bear implied serious business.

The man in the video knows this precisely. In a remote territory such as the one seen in the video, with all type of fatal animals prowling around, tragedy is not an issue of how but rather when. As you see, he and the others appears to be fine. At that point, in an instant, a crocodile shows up and is evidently doesn’t want their presence.  One attack later and a panicked ran to safety (all of it captured in the video) and the next thing coming is someone being dragged away.

What part of the “NO TRESPASSERS ALLOWED” in my swamp you didn’t understand?
For being sincere, we aren't being heartless, simply keen. You go into an area where such monster rule and don't expect something terrible won't happen. Simply take a look at the teeth on those things! What do we need to do, draw you a map for guidance? Ideally, he survived the attack. Some people aren't so fortunate – and that’s because nature doesn’t fool around. Provoke it, or simply be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and you will undoubtedly lose… a leg, maybe.

ATTENTION - The Video Is Extremely Mature Rated and Unquestionably Not Safe For Work (NSFW)

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