“CARROT MAN” Jeyrick Sigmaton’s popularity as of now have reached South Korea! Check out their reactions!

Lately on local news, this person named Jeyrick Sigmaton was called to be the most up-to-date online sensation after pictures of him was instantly spread through the online networking. The people entitled him "Carrot Man" since he was carrying a load of carrots when he was spotted by the photographic artist who took his photo.

A large number of Pinoy superstars desired to see him because of his enigmatic character. However, one of the most well-known Korean Television channel noticed him and are quite amazed after seeing his viral photographs. See their cute responses on this video.

KBS1 is the head station of the Korean TV Broadcasting System, beforehand known as KBS TV/KBS Channel 9 until the dispatch of KBS2 in 1980, it is the most well up in Television channel in South Korea and was the successor to HLKZ-television (or Daehan Bangsong), Korea's first channel. It is additionally the only advertisement- free allowed to-air TV channel in the nation.

The channel is widely recognized for its news programs, humanity, sports, amusement and a few youths’ programs and an insignificant amount of learning programming.