Why Spending Money on Pedicure When You Can Make Your Feet Look Nice With Just Two Ingredients from Your Kitchen

Lenient, beautiful feet are each lady's fantasy, particularly when they really want to wear sandals and flip-flops.

The foot regularly cracks because of the pressure they are exposed to during the day. Keeping up appropriate and customary foot hygiene is vital to protect your feet from cracks. Moreover, you don't require expensive spa medications to get soft vibrant feet. What’s good is you can have amazing and vibrant feet by doing a DIY spa treatment at home.

The treatment we recommend here takes only a couple of minutes a day. What’s more, it can do wonder about the skin on your feet. In addition, it's totally harmless as it uses every single natural ingredient. What this foot treatment does is shed the skin on your feet while relaxing them from the pressure that is developed during the day.

And the good news is, it costs pretty much nothing as both ingredients are economical and effectively accessible available.


2-3 tbsp. Baking soda
3-4 cups of some milk


Once you’ve warmed the milk, pour it in a large bowl. Ensure it’s tolerably hot so as not to burn your skin. Soak your feet in the milk and relax for 5-6 minutes. Add the preparing pop in the milk while blending well in order for it to dissolve. Leave your feet in this mixture for a couple of minutes then scrub your feet well. Wash your feet and towel-dry them. Finally, apply some foot cream or body salve.

If ever that you do this treatment frequently, you'll see the primary positive results in two or three days.