Place an ice cube on your neck here for 30 seconds every day for these AMAZING health benefits

Setting an ice cube on your neck in a particular area can treat a variety of conditions.

Place an ice cube on your neck here for 30 seconds every day for these AMAZING health benefits

The spot that you should place the ice cubes is positioned between the tendons in the neck, particularly at the nape where there is a gap that interfaces the head and the neck. This is a pressure point at the base of the skull which, in Chinese acupuncture, is alluded to as Feng Fu, or Asylum of Wind.

You have to lie on your stomach and put one ice cube at the spot of Feng Fu (the space at the back of the head) and hold it for twenty minutes. The ice cube can be settled with a swathe or a scarf so you don't need to stay in the inclined position.

Attempt to do this twice per day, in the morning and before going to bed.

Advantages of Feng Fu

When you first attempt this you may find the chilly feeling to be extremely unpleasant, however after around thirty seconds you will get accustomed to it. During the initial couple of days you might encounter a sentiment slight ecstasy. This is because of the arrival of endorphins from your body brought about by the cool temperature of the ice cube. This strategy has likewise been utilized as a treatment for sadness.

Constantly putting the ice cubes on the back of your neck will develop your sleep, which will ensure you're continuous decent mood and have vigorous energy.

Putting an ice on this part on your neck will likewise help with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. This is because the chilly temperature of the ice cubes helps with opening up the airways in your body.

It can likewise help with a different types of other wellbeing issues, for example, neurological illnesses with degenerative changes of the spine, intense gastrointestinal and sexually transmitted maladies, problems of the thyroid organ, joint inflammation, hypertension and hypotension, asthma, weight and ailing health, cellulite (particularly in the counteractive action and early stage), issue of the menstrual cycle and endocrine fruitlessness, psycho-enthusiastic scatters, stress, constant weakness, depression, sleep deprivation.