How To Recognize A Heart Attack One Month Before It Happens

Numerous people know about the manifestations on a possible heart attack and they are capable of recognizing it before it happens. However, very few people know the hidden side effects that can give us knowledge on how to identify an upcoming heart attack up to a month before it occur.

How To Recognize A Heart Attack One Month Before It Happens

The heart attack happens when there is a too much clot, may it be fat or blood, stuck in the arteries. This leads in lower blood supply and finally, the attack itself. At the point when a heart attack strikes there is a withering of the tissue because of the insufficiency in the blood circulation which causes terrible agony and pressure. This could be fatal.

Here are the manifestations that can be showed up to a month before the attack occurs. They should be considered vital.


At the point when your veins are partly clogged, your heart will get les blood than what is required. This will lead in a harder task for the heart to function properly, which will make you feel tired and sluggish all the time.

Difficulty in breathing

It is reasonable, when your heart is not sufficiently receiving blood that implies that your lungs won't get enough oxygen as they regularly do. Both systems are depending on each other. If ever that you are encountering difficulty while breathing, go visit your doctor since this could be an indication for an upcoming attack.


If your body got to be powerless without any reason it might be because of the tightened arteries which are denying normal blood circulation through your body. The muscles are not accepting the required blood which causes loss of energy, even for the things that aren't requiring too much energy.

Lightheadedness and Cold Sweats

Inappropriate blood circulation will influence your brain too because of the fact that the blood stream to your brain will be slowed down. This is exceptionally fatal. This will cause lightheadedness or dizziness and a cold feeling. This should not be taken for granted and must be taken seriously.

Pressure on chest

If ever there are indications of an upcoming heart attack, a big possibility that you will feel agony in your chest. It can be a minor torment or a developing pressure. This feeling will constantly increase until the attack happens.

Flu or Cold indications

If you are having sudden flu indications or symptoms, they can be a sign that leads toward conceivable heart attack. Numerous people who had heart attacks are stating that they had cold symptoms a couple of days before the attack.

The most effective method to handle this:

The best way to manage this is to visit a doctor when you can. By doing this, prevention may likely happen.