12 Million Women Ignore THESE Symptoms Of Thyroid Disorder. Do YOU Know The Signs?

Thyroid organ is a little yet a vital organ substantial for our health. Positioned at the base of the neck; it secretes hormones that each tissue in our body needs to work appropriately. The rundown list underneath are few among the special functions it gives for our body:

- Manages calcium capacity alongside the parathyroid organ
- Empowers your bowels to move
- Affects your cholesterol and triglyceride levels
- Empowers the brain
- Helps you burn fat
- Control your inner natural body temperature regulator
- Corresponds with the various endocrine organs

However when your thyroid gland is not working correctly, then you might experience the ill effects of these eleven symptoms. Observe these:

1st Symptom: Feeling Miserable or Depressed
2nd Symptom: Constipation
3rd Symptom: Sleeping Excessively
4th Symptom: Hair loss and Dry Skin
5th Symptom: Sudden Weight gain
6th Symptom: No Sexual appetite
7th Symptom: Muscle pain and cramps
8th Symptom: Shuddering Heart
9th Symptom: Fluffy Head
10th Symptom: Hypertension
11th Symptom: Expanded appetite or Changes in Taste buds

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