How To Color Your Hair, Naturally, Without Chemical? Is That Possible?

Numerous ladies color the hair with uncommon hair color. To be capable without trepidation change in hair color, we propose swinging to natural methods for color.
How To Color Your Hair, Naturally, Without Chemical? Is That Possible?

We`ll demonstrate to you best practices to color your hair naturally, with herbs, that are likewise more beneficial for your wellbeing.

Green peel walnut-For brown hair

To start with, peel 15-20 walnuts. Presently, cut the green peel into pieces and pound. Include boiling water. Blend them with tablespoon while the blend gets homogenous. This mixture will be your hair color. Take a brush for hair coloring and apply it on your hair. Give it a chance to stay around 15-20 minutes and after that wash your hair. Finally flush the hair with vinegar. That will alter the color.

Onion peel and bark of an oak – For Light brown hair

You should do nothing more than to mix half measure of onion peels and cut bark of an oak. Pour them over with 1 liter boiled water. Cook them together around 60 minutes. Give it a chance to cool, around 60 minutes. Wet your hair with this mixture and let it stay around 45 minutes. Presently wash your hair and flush the hair with vinegar.

The most effective method to Color Your Hair, without using any harmful chemicals is really possible.

Chamomile – For golden blonde hair

Take a medium sized bottled water; include 100 grams of dried chamomile blooms. After cooking, strain it. Presently wet your hair with the subsequent fluid. At that point wash and dry your hair. Don`t forget to flush with vinegar.

Beet-For red hair

Take a medium estimated beet. Cut it into pieces and boil it. When it’s completed, let it cool. Presently mix a few cuts of beet in the water that was boiled. This blend will be your hair color. In this way, apply it on your hair and hold up around 15-20 minutes. Flush the hair with vinegar and dry it.

In the event that you have lighter hair, you`ll get the full impact during the first coloring. Then again, on the off chance that you have darker hair, you`ll need to repeat this treatment for a few times.