Is there life after death? Do we have a soul?


The afterlife is something experienced by individuals who returned to life to tell their unimaginable stories. The most astounding record encounter is the one by a 25-year-old Harvard trained brain neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander. This can't be one of the common afterlife stories. Here's his story.

Dr. Alexander did not believe in afterlife in the wake of death or a non-physical soul. He was constantly encompassed by associates focused into the material perspective of life, without believing in the spirits. Like most pessimists, he just trusted the afterlife stories were just mental trips and results of creative energy. He was then in coma for seven days brought about by an extreme case of bacterial meningitis. Amid the extreme lethargies he encountered a trip that would changes his vision of existence in the wake of the afterlife.

After coming back to his body, Dr. Alexander wrote the number 1 NY Times best hit book "Confirmation of Paradise". In this book, he affirms that our life on Earth is only a test that offers our souls some assistance with evolving and developing, and that the way we succeed in doing it is to continue with affection and sympathy. Here are a couple of striking points from the book:

Soul leaving the body

– His afterlife experience was real to the point that the experience as a human on Earth is only an artificial dream in contrast with that.

– The fabric of existence in the afterlife was love. Yes, love commanded everything so the vicinity of evil was little. On the off chance that you wish to comprehend the Universe, you ought to know love.

– All correspondence was telepathic. There was no need of words. Every one of the inquiries asked was addressed telepathically.

When he was asked what he needs everybody to think about the profound domain, he addressed that you are a greater number of valuable and cherished than you can envision. You are constantly sheltered and never alone. The unrestricted and perfect love of God influences everybody.

"Love is the premise of everything. Not some abstract, hard-to-comprehend sort of love, however the everyday kind that everybody knows-the sort of affection we feel when we take a look at our life partner and our kids, or even our pets. This affection is not desirous or childish, but rather it's unlimited and in its purest and most capable structure.

This is the truth of truths, the limitlessly magnificent truth of truths that lives and inhales at the center of everything that exists or will ever exist, and no remotely precise comprehension of who and what we are can be accomplished by any individual who does not know it, and exemplify it in the majority of their activities.", says Dr. Alexander.

Presently, we ought to talk about credibility. His neocortex was nonfunctional amid the trance state, so there's no logical confirmation why he encountered this. In his book, he gives nullifications for 9 experimental clarifications of what transpired.

Investigating naturalistic clarifications

These are five potential clarifications in Reference section B of his book.

Some of them may not bode well to laymen such as us, so here are the most widely recognized clarifications he discredits.

– A primitive brainstem project to facilitate the terminal agony and enduring. This didn't clarify the rich way of his memories.

– The mutilated review of recollections from the more profound parts of the system such as the amygdala that has enough overlying mind to be shielded from the bacterial aggravation which happens at the brain surface. This did not clarify the strong, lavishly intuitive nature of the memories.

– DMT dump. DMT is a characteristic serotonin that causes dreams. He is by and by well-known to the serotonin related medication encounters (LSD) from his adolescent years. He has not had a DMT experience, but rather he has seen patients impaired. The rich ultra-reality still needs a working sound and visual neocortex as target districts in which to create a rich affair like he had. The drawn out trance like state has wrecked his neocortex, where all the serotonin from the raphe cores in his brainstem would have effects on the varying media encounters. In any case, his cortex was off so the DMT would have no spot in the brain to act. 

– A reboot wonder – an arbitrary dump of divided recollections because of old recollections in the influenced neocortex, which may happen on restarting the cortex into cognizance after a drawn out failure such as meningitis. This appears to be most improbable when you consider the points of interest of his striking memories.

– An unusual memory era through an ancient visual pathway is utilized as a part of birds, yet not in people. People can encounter it just in situations when they're cortically visually impaired. It gave no insights to the ultra-reality he saw and neglected to clarify the sound-related visual fuse.

Dr. Alexander's close passing knowledge record is the most trustworthy in light of the fact that he has an exploratory foundation. We have justifiable reason to believe on what he is saying.