White and Strong Teeth until You Grow Old: Natural Formula from Tibetan Monks

Tibetan monks have extremely strong teeth until old age. As a matter of fact, there are no dental practitioners or toothpaste in these mountain territories, so their mystery lies in an extremely basic and simple formula. 

White and Strong Teeth until You Grow Old: Natural Formula from Tibetan Monks

We will now uncover their natural technique to protect the wellbeing of their teeth. It's extremely simple!

Their natural toothpaste is prepared like this:

Put one tablespoon of pink Himalayan salt into a half glass of boiled and afterward, cooled water. Blend this mixture enthusiastically for around one minute, and get rid of the foam that has been shaped at the surface.


Utilizing your toothbrush, take a few crystals of the prepared paste and brush your teeth using the usual movements.

At long last, you have to wash your teeth utilizing the water from the same glass.

You ought to brush your teeth in the morning, the night and after each feast with this natural toothpaste. 

To start with, you might feel a few inconveniences, as your teeth might turn out to be more sensitive on hot-icy and cold sweet, on account of the utilization of the salted water.

The greatest point of interest of this toothpaste is that it get rids of the pathogens from the mouth pit and in brief time reinforces the tooth enamel, "fortifying" the cracks and the bumps on your teeth.

Additionally, your teeth will turn out to be exceptionally white and the groves will get to be more fortified and pink in shading.