Which Juices Are Effective In Melting Away Kidney Stones?

A powerful natural solution for flushing out the kidneys and dissolving kidney stones is to drink different fruits and vegetables. 

Which Juices Are Effective In Melting Away Kidney Stones?

Juices to liquefy kidney stones:

Lemon Juice –Lemon Juice is a demonstrated natural home cure that successfully treats kidney stones.

System for Preparation:

- Take couple of fresh lemons and squeeze them to extract its juice of around 4 ounces.
- Then add this to 2 liters of water and blend it well by including little amount of sugar into it.
- Drink this to get alleviation from the kidney stones and its agony.
- Routinely drink this twice per day, once in the morning and once at night to clear the kidney stones in the body until you get complete alleviation from the kidney stones.

Lemon juice, crude apple juice vinegar in addition to olive oil– This is one of the natural home cures which is entirely effective with regards to curing kidney stones actually.

Manifestations, for example, stomach agony can be overseen by mixing olive oil with lemon juice extract.


- Mix 0.5 ounces of lemon juice in 12 ounces of water.
- Include one tablespoon of crude apple juice vinegar before drinking.
- In the wake of drinking the mixture, guarantee that you have inebriated no less than 12 ounces of water.
- Repeat this cycle at natural intervals until the agony has died down.

Pomegranate Juice – Pomegranate Juice and in addition the seeds of the pomegranate plant can be viewed as a great natural solution for kidney stones.

For best results, it is exceptionally suggested that you eat natural pomegranate plant or pick to drink newly removed pomegranate juice.

Watermelon Juice -- Watermelon is a decent diuretic and can likewise be utilized as natural solution for kidney stones. The water and potassium content that is available in watermelon is a key element for a healthy kidney. It helps in managing and keeping up the level of acid present in the pee. Eating watermelon or drinking its juice ordinary will help in flushing out stones from the kidneys.