Thin and Bald Hair Magic!!! Grow Your Hair Fast With Only 2 Ingredients

As years go by hair becomes dry, thin, and fragile, the hair growth becomes slower and the hair itself lose its shine. In order to restore shine to the hair you should nurture it using masks whose main ingredients are high quality oils and butter.

Thin and Bald Hair Magic!!! Grow Your Hair Fast With Only 2 Ingredients

Intensive and strong head massage with natural oils has been proven to be a great way for combating white hair occurrence.

The best oil to use it coconut, but other effective oils are olive, almond, castor and jojoba oil. However, rosemary oil is the best when it comes to hair darkening. Several drops of it are sufficient for achieving so.

Olive oil hair mask

You can restore the shine of the lifeless white hair with mask made of olive oil in combination with honey. This mask should be applied once a week. Mix equal amounts of butter and honey and apply the resulting mixture onto the roots.

After you have applied the nurturing mask you need to wrap the hair with a plastic bag and then with a warm towel. Keep the mask on the hair for half an hour before you wash it with a shampoo as you usually do.

You can make a good quality hair mask consisted of lemon juice mixed with coconut oil. Apply the resulting mask onto the hair by massaging it gently but firmly. Let the mask act for approximately half an hour before you give the hair a good rinse.

This natural treatment is equally effective for both prevention of occurrence of white hair as well as against hair loss.

Black pepper hair mask

Mix 1 gram of black pepper, half a cup of yogurt, half a teaspoon of lemon juice and a little bit of almond oil. Mix until get homogeneous resulting mixture. Apply the mask on your hair and let it act for half an hour before you wash it in the usual way. Practice this two times a week.