How To Accelerate The Growth Of Your Eyelashes In 7 Days?

Some fortunate ladies are born having naturally long and thick lashes, while others can accomplish that effect only just by using their mascara.

How To Accelerate The Growth Of Your Eyelashes In 7 Days?

If you have ended up in the second group of ladies, you know how can it feel to try every possible way to acquire the desired effect for your lashes, but none of these works.

Nonetheless, this lady stated that the combination of a few oils can offer you some assistance with thickening your lashes in precisely 1 week.

For setting this up, you will just need three ingredients and a little patience.


20ml of coconut oil
20ml of Vitamin E oil
20ml of castor oil


Above all else you have to find a bowl with a cover. At that point put every needed oils in that bowl and mix them well.

Consistently before going to bed shake the compartment or the bottle, where the blend is, and apply a little measure of this oil blend on your lashes. You can use your finger or an ear swab to apply this blend on your lashes.

However take note of that it is essential that you clean your make ups before applying this oil blend. You have to do this procedure every night before going to rest.

The primary results will be noticeable in just seven days.