8 Early Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is the most silent of all cancers. It doesn’t have very particular symptoms and is hard to trace.

8 Early Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

And when it does become traceable it’s usually reached a serious stage. However, there are a few early signs that may help trace ovarian cancer, these signs may also indicate other ailments so observe well before jumping to conclusions.

8 Early Signs Of Ovarian Cancer:

Abdominal Swelling: Your abdomen may feel gassy or bloated more often.

Constipation: Regular bouts of constipation and irregular bowel movements. Try fiber rich foods and see if this changes.

Pelvic Pain: Heaviness or discomfort around the pelvic region. Don’t settle for pain killers.

Lower Back Pain: Lower back pain and discomfort is another sign. But evaluate recent activity because strain to your body can give you lower back spasms.

Frequent and Uncontrollable Urination: Urinating often and not able to control yourself may be an indication of weakening pelvic floor muscles. Again this may mean several things so make sure you check with your doctor.

Loss of Appetite: Feeling full easily or unexplained weight loss can occur.

Sexual Activity: Pain may occur during or post intercourse, especially around the abdomen and below.

Fatigue: Getting tired soon without any rigorous activity is a silent sign. Observe energy levels keenly to figure out if they are actually dropping.

Many women diagnosed with ovarian cancer didn’t show all the symptoms listed above. So keep an eye out for even one or two of these signs and keep track. If it persists for more than 2 weeks then see your doctor about it.