Your Tongue Shows A Great deal about your Health.

Your eyes and face can reveal a lot about your health, but have you ever wondered your tongue can tell whether you are healthy or not?

Yes! Right from the colour of your tongue to its texture, it can signify whether you suffer from any vitamin deficiency, an infection or illness. So the next time you look into a mirror, don’t forget to check your tongue as well!

Bright Red Tongue 

The lack of color appears in your tongue when you are short of required vitamins.

Dark Tongue 

GROSS! This is what happens when appropriate cleaning isn't done on your valuable teeth and mouth. Mouthwash, brushing twice per day and flossing can all help getting rid of thi

Powder White  tongue

This white and powder looking tongue is the indication of a yeast infection. This is because you've taken anti-infection agents that eliminated out some decent bacteria in your mouth. Your doctor can absolutely help you with this!

Small Cracked Tongue

Breaks in your tongue are an indication of aging. So keep up your oral cleanliness to prevent any contaminations inside of the tongue.

Tongue with White Patches 

Smokers usually see these white patches at the tongue's base, because of an irritation. There is a risk that this irritation could get to be dangerous later on, so make sure to visit the specialist frequently.

Little Red Lumps on Tongue 

Red lumps on your tongue could be an indication of oral disease, so go see your doctor ASAP if these appeared!

Slopes And Valleys 

If you have hills and valleys on your tongue, that is perfect news! This is typical for individuals who don't have any signs of health issues!