You’ll Never Eat McDonald’s Again After You Read These Horrifying Facts

Feeling hungry? You might need to read this article first before you go to your most loved fast food eatery and request your typical chemical and prescribed drug ridden meal.

Did you know you're likely eating smashed bugs as well as duck feathers with your fast food burger? Here are probably the most disturbing added substances you're eating when you hit the drive-through:

Duck Feathers: 

One of the all the more persevering urban legends about McDonald's is that their hamburgers contain cow eyeballs. While this has not turned out to be the situation, the company's Prepared Hot apple pie contains duck feathers, or if nothing else a mixture ordinarily got from it. Truth can be pretty much as weird as fiction. McDonald's and other fast food eateries use Cysteine-L, an amino acid integrated from human hair and duck feathers. This is done to flavor meat and fluffy out breads and baked goods.

Pink Ooze: 

McDonald's gives you a belief that each time you nibble their McNuggets, you are eating chicken. Yet, that is a long way from reality because of the fact that it is a mixture of bones and chicken remains, chicken parts that you won't ordinarily eat. Different ingredients incorporated into the mixture also known as pink ooze incorporates ammonia to eliminate bacteria and a little bit of petroleum.

Silicone Oil (Senseless Putty Plastic): 

Dimethylpolysiloxane is a type of silicone utilized as a part of the stretchy toys found in the market, yet it additionally keeps fryer oil from frothing, you'll see it in McDonald's Filet-O-Fish and fries … or almost nearly anything deep fried in a fast food eatery.

Wood (cellulose): 

processed wood mash, known as cellulose, is utilized as a part of everything. Food processors use it to thicken and stabilize foods, alternative for fat and supports fiber content

Petroleum derived Preservatives (TBHQ): 

Tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) is produced using mixtures got from petroleum and found a home in processed foods. McDonald's, for instance, utilizes it as a part of 18 products extending from its fruit Serving of salads to Griddle Cakes as well as McNuggets.

Soil Fertilizer (ammonium sulfate)

Ammonium sulfate is sold by chemical companies to food makers as "yeast sustenance for bread," and some fast-food companies list the mixture in their pastry shop products.

40 years prior, just around $6 billion was spent on fast food. Today that number is more like $200 billion. Not just is the fast food industry serving us these horrible foods, they are profiting doing it.