Woman Baffled Doctors With Her Mysterious Condition That Makes Her Bleed From Eyes And Tongue

Imagine a scenario where all of a sudden, you abruptly get yourself bleeding from your eyes. Tears of blood that simply come out without warning.. a stigmata like condition! This is the thing that happened to a 24 year old Hawaiian lady who experiences a strange condition nobody could ever clarify.

Linnie Ikeda from Waikele, Hawaii is experiencing an uncommon condition that makes her bleed from the eyes and mouth all of a sudden.

In 2008, she was diagnosed to have Gardner-Precious stone Disorder. This condition can bring out random bruises in which is connected with stress and anxiety.

Linnie was 17 years of age when the bruises began to appear, she said, "when it started appearing on my arms, back and torso, it felt like a sledge hammer hitting my bones", and this made individuals believe she's being physically abused.

But after two years, for unknown reasons, her tongue started dividing into halves and bleeds for a considerable length of time. "I had 11 surgeries to close up the base of my tongue and to cut the veins and I had 7 blood transfusions" she included.

But her bad luck doesn't stop there. Linnie's puzzling condition took another turn when she mysteriously started bleeding from her eyes without control.

The bleeding for the most part happens overnight somewhere around 2am and 5am, making many specialists bewildered and left with no analyses about her condition.

What's more stunning is , it doesn't hurt when she's bleeding, however the agony comes just before in a type of pressure.

In her meeting with Hawaii News Now, she said: "when it bleeds, it doesn't hurt. I'll feel pressure on my eyes, my eyes will be puffy and somewhat raw and that is the point at which I know my eyes are going to bleed."

Despite the fact that Gardner-Diamond Disorder is frequently connected with anxiety, Ikeda believed that she had any more stress than other individuals particularly at her age.

Lisa Ikeda, Linnie's mom frequently went to her daughter's room just to locate her covered in blood. She said, "Ive really slept down with her and I've gotten up each hour to check her.

It's generally around that time that she has that bleeding. I'll normally wake her up and say. "Honey, how about we go clean up".

"Or if there isn't so much mess, I'll simply wipe her up… and she goes back to rest. There's a lot of time where it's been terrible, in her hair and everything so she'll go shower." Her mother included

Ikeda as of now gone to 30 specialists, including one from Minnesota. In any case, none of these specialists can assist her with understanding her condition.

Mavis Ikeda, her more older sister said "Linnie has been such a tough person and a good source of motivation. In spite of the fact that it was hard to watch her experience what she has." She likewise said. " She doesn't simply curl up in a ball and say," Why me?"

"The people that are going to fight for me, trust in me, that is the thing that makes me go on and live each day to give my best." Linnie said.
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