This is How I Eliminated Kidney Stone in 6 Days (Recipe)

There is really an amazing natural formula which turned out to be an good in taking out stones from the kidney.

This is How I Eliminated Kidney Stone in 6 Days (Recipe)

Just be careful, if the stone is excessively large, it can really hurt when trying to remove it. This removes the stones from the kidney, completely dissolves them and will also include the remaining smaller ones.

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What you need:

100 ml lemon juice 100 ml olive oil (extra virgin) 100 ml beer.

What to do:

Pour the ingredients in a bottle and blend it up. Take a measure of 50ml and drink it consistently everyday. Before each take,  shake the container first. In six days, the stone begins to turn out, and in four days, the pulverized smaller stones.

Numerous individuals who have attempted this formula guarantee that it is extremely effective.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The lemon juice should be of squeezed lemon or a natural one, not processed or advertised. You should consider the stone's size, if its bigger than 15 mm, this procedure will move it, but tend to harm you because of its size. On bigger stones, might as well consult a doctor for guidance.