Strange Animal Found Features Head of a Crocodile And Body of a Buffalo! This Thing Looks Terrifying!

A little town in Thailand was in for the stunning story of their lives when they found a  hybrid type of creature, and seems to be a cross between a crocodile with a wild ox!

The head looked reptilian  while the body resembles that of a warm blooded creature.

In the video, the creature can be seen laid out in the town, apparently having the head of a crocodile while its body seems as though it could be a wild ox or a calf. The neck is has been focused on close up, highlighting bizarre scales while its lower body reveals hooves.

The revelation purportedly originated from High Rock, Wanghin in Thailand. The animal borned like a wild ox yet obviously not a typical looking one. As indicated by reports, the creature passed on not long after being birthed. It's believed to be a good fortune by villagers.

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