Philippine Kid Rescues Over 40 Local Dogs

A young boy named Ken cherishes animals – he began a web blod about Rescue Animals along with Happy Animals Club which is a non-benefit no-kill animal shelter in the southern Philippines, established in 2014 on account of supporters from around the globe.

 Ken, 9, has grown up envisioning about some time or another having a safe house to assist the strayed animals that live close to his home, however he never imagined he could achieve his objective so soon.

Ken did his best to help the nearby stray pooches and felines he came over close to his home in the Philippines, he often invested time with them and offered them food, however hes longing to open a no-slaughter shelter where he could truly help his fuzzy friends, as the Happy Animals Club site stated. 

At that point, a couple of months ago, photographs of Ken with three strays made it to the Web, and individuals from everywhere throughout the world started to give cash as donations and support. 

"We got enough cash to get the mutts I was feeding off the road, nourish them good canned foods, and give them veterinary care," he posted on his site.

Ken and his dad were also ready to build a temporary haven for the three pooches, named Blackie, Brownie and White Puppy, in their garage. Ken named it The Happy Animals Club.

After boundless astounding puppyfoods and innumerable medicated showers, it transformed into quite a wonderful sight!