Meet The Man Who Made 66 Million Dollars A Day…

Netflix has done it again and made an absolute gem of a series. Its most recent commission "Narcos" focusses in on one of the world's wealthiest ever hoodlums. At his peak in the mid 1990's the terrifyingly fierce Pablo Escobar was pulling in 66 million dollars a day!

How could he have been able to accomplish this amazing count? I hear you ask… Well, this fella was the biggest shipper of cocaine into the US. At a certain point 80% of the coke used in the US got through Escobar's drug channels. Four out of each five lines were his!

Pablo as a kid. 

Escobar began from humble beginnings; no one could have anticipated this child of a laborer farmer would one day turn into the world's leader biggest ever drug cartels. It would be safe to say that Pablo never had an ethical compass… As a young person he stole grave stones and sold them on to smugglers. In any case, his first real quick cash was seizing a Medellín official and holding them pay-off for $100,000. As I said, this man would do truly anything to make a buck.

Meet The Man Who Made 66 Million Dollars A Day…

Escobar was never hesitant to get his hands messy, particularly toward the start of his fleeting career. He would personally fly over expansive shipments of cocaine in the middle of Colombia and Panama to sneak into the United States. Pablo soon had an armada of planes, including a lear jet!

Escobar ruled through fear 

In 1976 he was captured by Colombian authorities for drug possession. however, the case was immediately dropped after he bribed a couple of palms. By the mid 1980's Escobar had a gigantic part of the police force on his finance. The individuals who picked not to sign on were almost likely faced a bullet. He was likewise famous for taking out his kindred rivals. His primary hit man John Jairo Velasquez assessed that he murdered more than 3,000 individuals in that decade alone.

He was actually rolling in it 

To stay away from detection, the cocaine was made in "super labs" somewhere down in the Colombian wilderness. To give you a thought of the amount they were pumping out in a day, it weighed roughly the same as two African elephants. That is 15 tons! What amount of does that make you in a year? Two billion pounds!

He had so much cash he had no clue what to do with it. At last he depended on stuffing it in barrels and digging tremendous holes in the ground to place it in. It's rumored that there are still heaps of undiscovered cash covered under Colombia's soil. It was also believed that a colossal extent of his fortune was eaten by rats! His elastic band bill was $2,500 a year and he once blazed $2,000,000 on a flame to keep his little girl warm. Absurd!

One thing he wanted to do with his money was build… 

Meet The Man Who Made 66 Million Dollars A Day…

Pablo constructs houses all over Columbia, a hefty portion of which have now gone to ruin. The piece de resistance in his property domain was a 5,000 section of land farm in Puerto Triunofo. The ideal world was manufactured as an occasion getaway and incorporated a pool, a bullring and a zoo lodging hippos, giraffes and elephants.

Pablo's Capture 

Meet The Man Who Made 66 Million Dollars A Day…

At the point when his past at long last got up to caught up with him in the mid 90's, he went and manufactured his own luxury prison…

In the wake of killing a large number of individuals, including a presidential candidate, the government chose to make a move against Escobar. His response was to take up arms against them, putting enormous bounties on the head of open figures and policemen. This finished in a stalemate and the Administration consented to drop all charges against Pablo, aside from a solitary trafficking offense. They likewise permitted him to construct his own luxury jail for him to stay in for the length of time of his sentence.

During his time inside, Escobar found a plot to move him into a government jail. His wide web of contacts permitted him to be on top of things; he got away and went on the run. Pablo maintained a strategic distance from the powers for a year until he was given in a weapon fight on a housetop while attempting to get away from the police.

His death 

Meet The Man Who Made 66 Million Dollars A Day…

As indicated by his brother, Pablo almost committed suicide. "He didn't get slaughtered. Every one of the years they followed him, he would say to me consistently that if he was truly cornered without an exit plan, he would shoot himself through the ears."

You may think that this beast would be  disliked by the Colombian individuals? But you are wrong. He frequently donated cash to poor people and built numerous healing facilities, schools and sports stadiums . He even gave lodging to locals to make sure no one will be homeless. Right up 'til the present time, numerous people consider Escobar to be a Columbian Robin Hood.


The man tasked with playing this brute in this new netflix series "Narcos" is Wagner Moura.

He gives a devastatingly good performance, as do his co-stars. The script and cinematography are magnificent. I would completely prescribe putting your time in this 80's epic story.