Girl 'turns yellow' after drinking three cups of green tea a day

A young lady who drank succeeding cups of green tea a day in a bid to get more fit wound up getting to be jaundiced and experiencing an swollen liver.

Girl 'turns yellow' after drinking three cups of green tea a day

The 16-year-old said she had purchased the Chinese green tea over the web and had been drinking three glasses a day for three months when she began feeling dizzy, nauseous and encountering sharp pains in her joints.

The English Medical Journal distributed the points of interest of her involvement for its Situation Reports this week, in which it said individuals should be more aware of the "uncommon yet repeating" issue.

The young lady went to the GP with the symptoms, who analyzed anti-microbial for a urinary tract infection.

But after a while, she showed signs of jaundice - or a yellowing of the skin – and was admitted to clinic.

There, she was determined to have intense hepatitis - swelling of the liver.

She said: "I was really terrified when I was admitted to clinic and had heaps of tests. I didn't completely understand what was going on at the time.

"When I think back it was without a doubt because of the tea, I never took whatever else and everything began happening when i practiced on drinking the tea.

"I will never purchase online tea again or any weight reduction pills… The mixtures'  of the tea I purchased were composed in Chinese."

The Case Report said that after the young lady quit drinking the tea there was a "fast and maintained recovery" and she was released from doctor's facility a brief time later.

In any case, it warned them that patients should not report the utilization of natural and dietary supplements to their doctors, despite the fact that at times there will be a connection between them and being unhealthy.

In an another case, the journal noted, a patient required a liver transplant subsequent to consuming dry extract of green tea, which they had utilized for weight reduction.

The report said: "We know that green tea is really an extremely safe and healthy beverage, with cell reinforcement properties… This raises the likelihood that it is the expansion of different chemicals bringing on hepatotoxicity, especially in arrangements used for weight reduction.

"Additionally, pesticides may be generally used during the developing of tea trees and are known to contaminate green tea infusions."