For some folks, the head mite is truly the most despicable aspect of their presence. This modest, wingless creepy crawly lives on human hairs and feeds on little amount of blood taken from the scalp.


Despite the fact that this may sound totally sickening, lice have a tendency to be a typical issue amongst school youngsters. Even though that young ladies get head lice more regularly than young men, both can be infected by the parasite too.

Without a doubt, lice won't spread infections around, and they aren't perilous, yet that doesn't mean you need them staying around your home. Then again, they are infectious and to a great degree, disturbing.

One bite from it can cause your youngster's scalp to itch and get to be aggravated. In the event that your little one keeps tingling, it can bring infection and skin disturbance. No parent needs to see their youngster endure the side effects caused by head lice.

If ever you are burnt out on spending  money on lice cleanser, and not getting the outcomes you want, there is an option. It wasn't too long back that we were managing the feared head mite. With two young ladies at home who have long hair, we were investing more than $100 each time we needed to treat them. While we were doing our part, different folks at school weren't doing theirs, and your child might get the louse on their untreated kids.

After investing hours doing remedies, brushing and checking their hair, there must be something better out there to treat the annoying pest. If you are burnt out on spending a fortune on head lice shampoos and you need a more beneficial option, Give a try to the information below. You will be happy you did.


o Listerine mouthwash (off-brands work fine and dandy also)
o White vinegar
o Shower caps or plastic sacks from the supermarket
o A couple of clean towels
o Shampoo
o Lice brush


Despite the fact that they don't suggest utilizing the blue or green mouthwash on blondes, we did and didn't have any issues. Drench your kid's head with as much Listerine as expected to totally wet their head.

When their head is totally wet, compress their hair and put a plastic pack, or shower cap over it and let it sit for 60 minutes. We simply utilized a couple basic plastic sacks to keep the wetness in and set a towel around their shoulders.

Kids can play and do whatever you like. Simply make sure to make a tight seal around their heads to keep the lice in.

After time has passed, carefully remove the packs. You may be amazed at what number of dead head lice are in the packs.

Certainly not what you need to see, but rather in any event you know it is doing its job.

Carefully wash the mouthwash from their hair. Soak their head with the white vinegar. Reapply the sacks once more. Let it sit for one more hour.

After 60 minutes, take the packs off carefully and again, wash their hair using the vinegar. Shampoo just like doing a normal head cleaning.

When done, brush their hair using the lice brush. The vinegar relaxes the paste on the eggs, so that way you can easily brush them out.

The odor of the Listerine will keep them away. Lice particularly don't like the scent of spearmint, so you can put a touch of Listerine in a shower bottle with some water and splash your little one's hair before they leave for school.

Of course, you may spend a couple of hours doing the whole treatment, however you aren't pushing a group of unforgiving chemicals into your little one’s blood stream. No doubt, the majority of that lice solution goes straight through the scalp and into their system. Not something we were willing to manage.

This healthy, safe option just expenses a couple of dollars, however the outcomes keep going for a long while. After one treatment, we never had lice again!

A couple spray of the spearmint/water combo each morning was all it took to keep them away. Not only  your children be ensured, their hair will be smooth, sparkling and incredible noticeable as well. Try it out; and be astonished with the results!

via healthy-holistic-living.com