Chinese mother who admits to whipping her adopted son with a skipping rope insists she is innocent because she had ‘a good intention’

A Chinese mother stated that she is innocent after being sentenced to a six-month detainment for severely whipping her child with a skipping rope.

Li Zhengqin, 48, stood trial this week in Nanjing, eastern China, and confessed on beating her young son whom she had adopted for 3 years.

On the other hand, the former journalist (Li Zhengqin) demanded she had not violated any law, and that she was simply attempting to educate hes young son and forced to hurt him as a lesson, as what the media reported. Her nine year old son experienced more than 150 whip wounds on his body in April because of the fact that the young man was discovered to be lying about his academic grading.

The teachers where Li's son has been studying on uncovered they had seen cuts and scars on the kid six months preceding the incident.

Li, who used to fill in as a journalist in China's Jiangsu area, was captured on April 12 after photos of her son's awful injuries were posted online by his teachers at the end of March.