Worst Spider Bite

You may be bigger than a spider, but you have good reason to fear them. Look at this spider bite!

A bite from a Brown Recluse Spider can literally cause you to lose skin, if not your life.
This spider is bigger than a penny, with long legs, coming in a variety of colors from light beige to dark brown.

Most brown recluse hide in the dark and are not aggressive, with bites happening when they hide in your clothes in the closet or on the floor. Loxoscelism can occur, where the flesh become gangrenous and gets eaten away.

Small children under the age of 7 and the elderly are at most risk of dying from this type of spider bite. When a bite is suspected, immediate medical attention is necessary, before skin begins to die.

In cases of a dermonecrotic lesion, the dead skin needs to be surgically removed.