When She Put Her Arm Around Her Dying Sister. No One Expected This To Happen

Meet Kyrie and Brielle Jackson twin sisters. Their story has gone viral on the internet for some time now.

What happened to them is like a fairy tale story with a sweet and happy ending truly a miracle!
Only weighing 2 lbs. The little angels were born 12 weeks prematurely, they were obviously underdeveloped and it seems survival for them is not an option.

The twins were put into different incubators. Brielle’s condition started to improve and she started to gain weight.

Although Brielle is starting to recover, the doctors said that she would not survive.
After a couple of weeks the stronger of the two Brielle started to have these life threatening fits where she would scream and cry until she couldn’t breathe anymore and then would turn blue.

The nurse responsible to watch over the two sisters tried everything with little success.

Doctors have no clue as to what this mystery illness is and are desperately trying to figure it out.
 Desperate the acting nurse Gayle Kasparian thought of an idea. She put the screaming Brielle next to the incubator where her weak and fragile sister is.

Even though Gayle most likely to lose her job, she decided to do it anyway to help the twins. Then a miracle is about to happen.

When She Put Her Arm Around Her Dying Sister. No One Expected This To Happen

The screaming Brielle put her arm around her struggling sister and she instantly stopped crying and seemed to calm down.

Shortly after, little Kyrie began to also gain weight and the twins survived.
Since then Kyrie and Brielle Jackson are now 20 years old and has lived a healthy and happy life and the two sisters are soon finishing their degrees.

The two sisters almost spend each time together like in the incubator and they grew up like normal people do except that they have an interesting story, a story about miracle and not giving up. Miracles do happen from time to time we just have to have faith and do whatever it takes to help someone in need.