The Man With The World's Worst Head Lice Infestation Is Living An Absolute Nightmare

Have you ever had lice? Well we're betting you'll get motivation to check your scalp regularly after watching this video!

Like a lot of people who went to elementary school, this one student in particular had his scalp checked by the nurse. This student indeed had lice and was sent home.

Well, this student thought it would be a good idea to let the lice live and not be in school at all. Well, the plan worked because you can't attend school with lice. But here's the catch: you can't let lice live.

And after watching this video you can understand the disgusting side of having lice!

Are you the kind of person who doesn't shower often? Or put dry shampoo in your hair to prevent from washing it? Well get ready to take out the shampoo because you'll want to wash every inch of your scalp after this video!

Even a cosmetologist could refer you to a good shampoo and protocol of how to check your hair.

So go to the doctor and get your scalp checked. Because that one doctor visit is much better than having creepy-crawlies in your hair.

Just remember, practicing good health care is important - even though it gets you out of school. Let's hope your scalp doesn't start itching!