Nanjing woman goes berserk and strips nude in public -- because BF won't buy her iPhone 6S

Battles and mistaken assumptions in a relationship is ordinary, and they happen when you wouldn't dare hoping anymore.

A metro station in Nanjing China, individuals began to assemble around a couple who appeared to quarrel about something which brought on the lady to blast into a fit of rage. 

The question proceeded for some time, making bystander and spectators to draw out their cellphones to take photographs and features of the still unidentified couple. 

As the verbal contention between the couple warmth up, the lady, in her disappointment began taking her garments off one by one until she was totally exposed disregarding the public audience and kept on arguing with her sweetheart. 

While the fellow, rather than concealing her, proceeded with their verbal fight and didn't appear to care that his better half is as of now open for some spectators to see. 

The shameful showcase of their conduct wasn't the most stunning piece of the story however. Evidently, the lady was in rage of the fact that her beau Declined to purchase her an iPhone6s! 

Be that as it may, her fit of rage didn't appear to fill in as their battle finished with her flat broke and embarrassed on what happened, leaving the crowd chuckling and to some degree stunned to have seen a bizarre couple battle that the majority of them may always remember.

I think about whether she this each time her beau declines to give her something.