Husband bites off wife’s nose and eats it

Police are searching for an angry husband who is accused of biting off his wife’s nose and eating it, according to eyewitnesses.
The victim, Yang Han, from east China’s Shandong Province, went to local media to tell her story after reporting the incident to police.
Husband bites off wife’s nose and eats it\
According to Yang, she and her husband had been arguing for several years and the situation got so bad that she was considering a divorce.
She said her husband had become lazy and negligent, and didn’t want to take care of his family.
She added that he was also stubborn and neglected his elderly parents, leaving everything for her to do.
“I was angry at him over just about everything so I didn’t answer his calls one night.
“The next day he went to the factory where I worked and attacked me.
“He had a red face so I could see he was annoyed and he just attacked me without warning.”
She said when her colleagues tried to free her, her husband tugged her hair back and shockingly bit on the nose, ripping it off.
Husband bites off wife’s nose and eats itDespite the shocking attack, local police said they still don’t have Yang’s husband in custody, as he fled the scene. He took the nose with him and allegedly ate it.
“He ran. They are still looking for him,” Yang said
In the meantime, Yang has sought help from local doctors and cosmetic clinics who have confirmed that her nose will effectively never be the same.
Police say they have no reason to believe Yang’s husband was mentally ill and he faces a lengthy jail term if convicted.