Goodbye Slow Internet from Globe, Smart, PLDT: Australia’s Biggest Telco to Enter PH

The problem that plagued the Filipino nation may soon come to an end and that is the painfully slow and intermittent connection that providers such as PLDT, SMART and Globe is currently providing to Filipinos,

The Philippines who ranked second with the slowest Internet speed at 3.64Mbps, a snails pace compared to other nations in asia and only ahead of Afghanistan with 2.52Mbps.

IT experts say the problem with the country’s horrible Internet speed is because of the lack of better competitors. Globe, PLDT/Smart, and Sun Cellular on the other hand blame the government for complicated and expensive process in building structures like transmitters and antennas. And also some analysts say that Government officials are taking bribe as to which Company is getting permits first.

Among the country’s internet service providers, PLDT or Philippine Long Distance Company is the worst of the worst offering unlimited data which is not true as they throttle down your speed once you consume a certain amount of data. Globe is better than Smart but it's still worse as they also promote unli surfing which is also a lie, then followed by Sun cellular which is also owned by PLDT.

A News Insider reported that Telstra is planning a joint venture with San Miguel Corporation to compete in the telecommunications market here in the Philippines.

Goodbye Slow Internet from Globe, Smart, PLDT: Australia’s Biggest Telco to Enter PH

There is no exact date on when the business operation will be started, but Bloomberg reported that Telstra is currently on talks with San Miguel, and is willing to invest 5.75 billion Pesos (UD$123 million).

Netizens are already eager and excited to finally have a decent internet speed here in the Social media capital of the world, and we all hope that PLDT and other local Internet Service Providers may be pressured to increase their speed and availability when TELSTRA begins its operation here in the country, so cross your fingers people and hope that we will expect a savior that saves us from these greedy Telcos.