A Man Desperately seeking Help as His Lover Cut off his Reproductive Organ WARNING GRAPHIC!

This footage shows a man running hysterically in the street only wearing an underwear seems to be in critical condition. The man's name is Liu, and he was profusely bleeding after his p*nis was apparently cut off with a pair of scissors by his mistress.

This woman identified as Zhang was caught in the hotel surveillance camera fleeing the crime scene. According to reports done by police, Liu has known zhang for over 10 years. The couple spent the afternoon together at the hotel to have an intimate time together.

Reports mentioned when the Liu woke up, he was shocked to find that his penis is gone and is profusely bleeding. Panicking Mr. Liu ran outside the street looking for help, but before he went out he tried to find his missing penis to no avail. He believes Zhang cut off his p*nis using a pair of scissors while he is fast asleep.

Liu and the suspect were having an adulterous affair, Zhang is married and has a child. When they met at the hotel, Zhang allegedly gave him a pill, believing it was a sleeping pill, Liu took a tablet and soon fell asleep when he awoke, He felt a terrible pain and he was in shock to see his private part gone and continued to bleed.

Liu mentions that he'd previously met someone else, and this may have triggered Zhang's insecurities and ultimate revenge. In the CCTV video, it appears she's carrying a weapon. Zhang is still at large as the police continue their investigation.

via trinahd.com