The toddler who eats bath mats, sponges and even TOILET BRUSHES

A two-year-old girl has a rare condition causing her to eat everything from bath mats, sofas and her toys to a toilet brush, and her interest in normal food is waning.

Lily Mullins, two, from Weybridge, Surrey, has an impulsive and untreatable craving disorder called Pica – a appetite for non-food substances.

The toddler who eats bath mats, sponges and even TOILET BRUSHES

Her mother, Kate Ovington, 27, has to watch her constantly, as she loves to munch on brushes, shower puffs, clothing, Velcro, soft toys and sponges.

She even sometimes eats the hair straight from Poppy, her one-year-old sister’s head.

Ms Ovinton, a full-time mother-of-two, says she is terrified her daughter will choke, or become ill after eating unhygienic objects.

Mrs Ovington said: ‘I’m always worried about what Lily is going to try and eat next.

‘I try to tell her that the things she’s always putting in her mouth are going to make her feel poorly, but she doesn’t understand.

‘She loves to pull the hair out of her My Little Pony toy and eat it. When I tell her to stop she hides it under her pillow and sometimes I don’t realise until it’s too late.

‘I’m always worried about what she’s going to move on to and try to eat next.